Frequently Asked Questions

Why wouldn’t I just book a recording studio to make a demo? How is TAG Productions different from a studio?
If it’s so affordable, how much does it all cost?
What do you do at an artist development lesson?
I like your work, can we work together over the internet?

Two reasons: First, studios are expensive ($50+ per hour) because you aren’t just renting the time, you are renting the equipment (and they have a lot of expensive equipment).
Second, studio engineers are great at recording music, but aren’t always prepared to help you develop and refine your sound.
When you take a demo to a record executive, they don’t care if it was recorded with “vintage” amps and $1000 microphones, but they do care if the song is ready to sell.
With TAG Productions, we’ll make the most out of your song. We’ll take the time to experiment with sounds and make sure we get the feel of the music right, and make sure the hook is infectious. That’s something you can’t afford to do in a studio at $50 an hour. Then you take that high quality demo of your song to a record label, and they’ll pay YOU to record it in a fancy studio with “vintage” equipment.

Different projects will have different needs, so it is difficult to quote a general price for every project, but here is a starting place. Lessons are $20 per hour, and most hourly billed projects are the same. For original song demos, production of a normal pop-style song starts at $400 per track. And if you have a larger project or vision, talk to us and we can find a price to match your budget.

That is really up to you. We can talk about how to write memorable, meaningful lyrics. Or how to write catchy melodies with electrifying emotion. We can talk about how to fuse it all together into something that makes people excited. We can play around with different sounds and experiment with instrumentation until you are ready to record a song demo.
We will also talk about the tools of creative production and help equip you with strategies for dealing with obstacles like writer’s block. Just like any other skill, songwriting takes practice and perseverance. And we can help you stay motivated while you build the skills to reach your goals and write great songs. Think of it like having your own personal music coach!

Absolutely! TAG Productions works with clients all over the country online all the time. We can accommodate lessons and meetings over the phone and Skype or FaceTime. And if you have access to a decent recording microphone or studio, we can even produce a demo without ever stepping foot in the same room.