TAG Productions Services

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Original music composition and production
Demo production of your original song
Artist development
Digital music production lessons
Noise reduction and digital audio restoration
Praise music

Original music composition and production:

  • Original compositions for your film, TV show, web-series or video game.
  • Advertising jingles and background music. We can custom create an emotionally driven message to match your brand.
  • Stingers, audio logos, transition music and theme songs customized for your broadcast program.
  • Sound design, sound effects, foley and voice-over recording.

Demo production of your original song:

    TAG Productions can polish your original song and make it shine. If you need help getting your music noticed, but can’t afford $50+ an hour for studio time (link to FAQ), we can help. Together, we will prepare your music to show off to record labels and A & R reps without breaking the bank.
    We have years of experience producing music for a mass audience. We’ll even give you some tips and tools for getting noticed in the music industry.

Artist development for aspiring songwriters:

    Creativity is just like any other skill. It needs to be practiced and honed. Whether you are new to songwriting, or just want to improve your craft, we can help. In a private lesson, we will sit down and help you focus your creative energy into making great art, and refining it so your fan-base will be growing by the day.
    We will also talk about how to promote and protect your music (including copyright, royalties, publishing and performance rights). Music is a blast and we can teach you everything you need to know to make the most of your creative energy.

Digital music production lessons:

    Call TAG Productions if you are new to music production and need to learn Pro Tools, Logic Pro or even Garage Band. Powerful and affordable software is easy to find. We can teach you how to make the most of it in our affordable hands-on lessons.

Noise reduction and digital audio restoration:

    Do you have old recordings in need of digital clean up? How about some personal recordings with background noise? Hum, noise, crackle or that air conditioner that kicked on during your recital?
  Tell us about your recording and and we can discuss what kind of restoration will be possible.

Praise music:

    TAG Productions has a lot of experience writing, arranging, performing and leading music at churches, in choirs and in praise bands. If you need something special for service and event, talk to us and we’d love to help you get it. We are currently building a catalogue of music ready for worship services.
    If you write Christian music, we can produce it, publish it and get the music out for other churches to use!