Soundtrack Music…

Looking for intense scoring for your film/video game/whatever? Enjoy the tracks here for some samples of Trevor’s original work. Don’t forget to visit the credits page for links to videos and music not on this site. Listen to original songs here.

Items with the blue border are available for licensing and adaptation. Contact us for more information.

The Den

A fast-paced orchestral battle theme ready for a fantasy video-game.

A Season for Heroes

An epic orchestral battle theme ready for a fantasy video-game.

A Hot Mess

Trailer-style hybrid orchestral and electronic music. Lots of breaks for editing and increasing in intensity.

Flight of the SUV

A short classical spot with some energy, but not too heavy.

Edge of Your Seat

Turn up the volume: this epic hybrid orchestral, electronic, rock teaser will knock you out of your seat.


Beautiful, flowing and powerful: this orchestral teaser will leave you breathless.

The Unused Intro

I played in a pop-punk band called “Blame the Resistance” and we opened our set with this epic orchestral intro.

Domina et Laureatus

Lady and Laurels, the master and victor. If you couldn’t get O Fortuna, try this. I’m looking for an excuse to hire a choir.

DRAFT: String Quartet with Koto

This melancholic track is unfinished, but if you like the feel it can be adapted, expanded and perfected for your project.

To Be My One and Only

Dedicated to my wife.

Like the Clouds

Strings and harp: great for cloud watching.

The Flying Orchestra

If an orchestra could fly, this is what it would sound like.