The Man Behind the Music…

Trevor Alan Gast

Trevor Alan Gast

Trevor Gast is an Emmy-nominated producer, composer and sound engineer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

He writes addictive soundtracks for video games, orchestral scores to enhance the emotions in film, memorable tunes for promotional media, dynamic themes for live broadcasts, and background tracks as unique as your podcast. If you need professionally-produced music with a creative flair and attention to detail, get in touch.

Currently, Trevor is scoring the soundtrack for And So It Was, a video game developed by Volume Up Studios.

Trevor has a degree in Music Composition from Penn State University. (Yes, he was the Drum Major for 3 years and yes, he did the flip and splits.) He backs up his creative experience with a solid foundation of technical expertise. With over a decade of professional experience, Trevor has mixed sound at massive venues like Beaver Stadium in State College, PA. He has also worked as a touring engineer and broadcast assistant for Penn State Athletics and Pennsylvania Cable Network. If it can be plugged in to record or make sound and video, Trevor can do it.

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